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Hi, my name is Tex and I’m a dog!  I’m half Labrador and half Golden Retriever and, as you can see, I’m black (and rather handsome).  As I start this blog I’m nearly 3 years old.

 I used to be a guide dog but, not long after I started work, I realised that sadly being a guide dog wasn’t for me.  I just wasn’t cut out for it even though a lot of people had put lots of time and effort into showing me how to do the job.  In the end I had to put my paw up and say that I felt a career change was necessary and that I needed to retrain.

I came to live with my new Mum and Dad (Liz and David) in Berkshire and they’ve been showing me how to do my new job – being a pet

 I think I’m very good at being a pet and the role is to my liking.  So much so that I decided I’d give this blogging lark a go and catalogue my experiences as a pet dog.  Not for any other reason than that I wanted to write my musings down.  I may be the sole visitor to this blog (well actually I know my Mum will read it too) but it doesn’t matter – my thoughts will be immortalised on the web along with those of many other people (and dogs no doubt).

 If you are a visitor (and not my Mum) welcome, read on and I hope you enjoy.





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  1. Elaine / Sep 29 2010 8:48 pm

    Hi Tex, I’m Marsha’s mum. Marsha is a German Shepherd and she is just over one year old. She also started training to be a guide dog (I was her puppy walker) but at 5 months old she had an operation on her leg and the decision was made for Marsha to re-train as a pet too 🙂 I love your blog and I am so pleased you are enjoying life to the full! Take care, Marsha sends sniffs & woofs, from Elaine xx

    • texdog / Sep 29 2010 9:22 pm

      Hi Elaine (and of course Marsha)
      Thank you for commenting on my blog. I’m really glad you like it 🙂
      Marsha – I hope you are enjoying your career as a pet, I’m glad I made the decision to change but it’s good that others go on to be such good GDs too. Horses for courses eh?
      Apparently there was German Shepherd here too once upon a time, he was called Ed and was the size of a small horse (although I’m sure my mum exaggerates!!). Mum says he was lovely but very different to me, that’s because I’m unique :). He’s a GD now 🙂
      Keep reading when you have a chance.

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