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March 25, 2018 / Liz

Gotcha 8

Well, on this auspicious occasion I felt I should stir my paws and generate a post for my much neglected blog😕

On 24th March 2010 I became Tex Saunders. The paperwork was signed, money changed hands and I moved into my permanent home. Having decided that the working life was not for me I took up the position of full time pet to the Saunders household and 8 years later I am pleased to confirm I still have them wrapped around my paws and am enjoying the life of riley 🤣

I think, after 8 years, I now have my mum and dad fully trained. I get regular meals, although far too small for my liking, I do like to hint that I could eat more however my pleadings constantly fall on deaf ears 👂! But at least I am fed.

I got a new bedroom last year. Well it’s the same room but it got what is known as a ‘refit’ so my room is now slick and modern and it has the most amazing floor (this is according to mum who likes her new cupboards and appliances but seems to think the floor is possibly the best thing she has ever chosen – strange 🙄) Most importantly I got a new bed out of it which was all that mattered to me really!

I get to exercise my parents. Personally I would be quite happy to lie in one of my many chosen spots and just relax. But it seems that humans like to go walking at least two times a day (and sometimes more) and apparently, as a dog, I am expected to accompany them. So, not wishing to disappoint I trot along nicely.

I am now almost 11 so high jinx are less a part of my portfolio but I do like to keep mum and dad on their toes. Just last week mum and I had a small tussle over a hard boiled egg! I mean who leaves a perfectly decent hard boiled egg on the side of the road? Mum and I spotted it at more or less the same time but my mouth was closer to it than hers! I know she really wanted it (mum eats a lot of eggs, that’s a different story) but it was quickly in my mouth…accompanied by mums fingers 😩 Seems she really did want that egg! After a bit of resistance the egg finally popped out of my mouth and back onto the floor from whence it came! At that point we both decided to leave it and to move on. See I’ve got plenty of snaffles in me.

Once we have got over celebrating this major family milestone we’re in planning mode for our summer. Once again we’re heading to Holland for a full summer on my boat. Various changes in circumstances have made another long trip possible so we’re grabbing the opportunity whilst we can and we’re really looking forward to the trip. Of course I have staff to do all my planning for me so I don’t have to get too involved in logistics. The other day I did overhear a discussion about the quantity of dog kibble that would need to be stowed for the trip so that’s positive 👍🏻. It’s not all plain sailing though (plain sailing ha ha) I did have to be jabbed for the privilege of travelling abroad as my passport runs out in March and I had to be renewed! Who’d have thought I’d need it to be renewed? Not me!

So that’s a quick update on this special occasion. I will leave you with some up to date pictures of me. Firstly on my walk today and then some of my official Gotcha 8 photos.

Hope all is well with you dear reader




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