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August 11, 2016 / Liz

I is 9

These milestones seem to come around so quickly, Christmas, Gotcha and now my birthday. And I seems I am a whole nine years old. Thankfully mum tells me that I am still in my prime. See… 


As this is an auspicious occasion I thought I should get off my paws and write a blog. Sorry I have been a bit lazy of late.

So what does one buy the dog who has everything? Well I am happy because I got a new toy who is called Mouse. I like him very much but I can’t help thinking he might have been ‘re-gifted’. Not so long ago I saw something very similar in the hutch of Willa (the rabbit). I think Mouse was there as a friend for Willa.  Since then the toy has been replaced by a real life friend in the form of Dipsy bunny, hence the hutch toy was surplace to requirements. Now, oddly, Mouse is my new toy…who knows? I like him 🐭

Mum says I am going to get a new bed but I have to wait until I come back from my holiday. That will be lovely and I really am very grateful for anything I am given. But actually I am quite happy with the lounge floor which is secretly where I sneak back to sleep when mum and dad have gone to bed!  They don’t know 💤

So, all is fine with me. Obviously I am a year older but even I can’t hold back time. Since I last wrote I have been on my holidays to Holland. I had a lovely time just cruising around and chilling out. It was very nice to see my lovely Juneau boat again. I don’t know why she has to be parked in Holland it’s a heck of a long car ride to see her. Never made, were going to see her again soon, but for the last time this year. If I get time I will blog again from there.

So, I am now just relaxing at the end of my special day. Do you know, it doesn’t matter what presents I get the thing I love the most (after mum and dad of course)…(oh and after food of course)…(and after my lovely Monkey toy of course, of course)…is my cushion. No matter how hard mum tries to hide it I can sniff it out in order to rest my head for the evening. I love this cushion ❤️


There you go a quick update on things dear reader. I hope all is well with you and that you also have a special cushion in your life.
Ps mum tells me that as a special birthday treat this weekend I may also get a bath…whatever that is!


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