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July 19, 2015 / Liz

A tick and it’s host are soon parted!

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A week at our home base, Aalsmeer, is useful as it allowed mum and dad to take me to the dierenwinkle (pet shop) to stock up on kibble and treats. I think they also used to opportunity to stock up on human kibble to (but I am less interested in that as I don’t get to eat it!). However, the working week in Aalsmeer isn’t very dog friendly as there aren’t really any nice places for us to go walkies at lunchtime. We still go but we have to run the gauntlet of the shouty Rottweiler and various other hazards along the way. So when we left Aalsmeer to go to Friesland mum was on the lookout for a good, dog friendly, stop off place for the working week – which is how we ended up in the rather odd town of Kraggenburg.

Wokingham, where I live (usually), is known to exist in Saxon times. I am led to believe this is a very, very, very long time ago. Whereas Kraggenburg (where I lived a few days ago) was built in 1949, which is still a long time agoto me but not long in the life of a village apparently, before that it was under the sea! So you can tell it is pretty new and mum says it was pretty odd – a bit like the ‘garden cities’ built in the UK but with no people in it.

Anyway we didn’t visit Kraggenburg for its history or architectural significance we visited Kraggenburg for its forest J Somewhere nice for me to go walkies for a few days, and very nice it was too. We would have liked to explore more of it but it was very rainy at first so we didn’t go too far to start with. However as the days improved I did get to explore the forest a bit more. Although it’s a ‘new’ forest it is very nicely laid out with lots of soft tracks for a boy to scamper around on whilst chasing a tennis ball. I was pleased to see a tennis ball again as they are not much in evidence when I am on the boat – this is because mum says I will drop it in the canal and lose it (she may have a point!). Anyway I did get my tennis ball out in the forest and I did some serious chasing. See…

I also did some paddling/dabbling…

And generally as you can see I am smiling J

So all in all Kraggenburg was a success for me and after a few days there I was sad to leave it. However I did bring a little friend along with me for the ride.

It seems that nice damp, warm woods with lots of luscious long grass are a prime hiding place for ticks and one of them joined me – right above my left eyebrow L I wasn’t too bothered but mum soon noticed little brown patch in my fur. She knew it was not naturally a part of me but appeared to be quite attached. Instantly Operation Tick-off went into action starting with the tick removal spray that mum brought from home. I’m not sure what it was supposed to do, maybe scare the tick into jumping off. Needless to say that was futile, it scared me to death but my little brown buddy remained firmly in place. Mum does have a tick remover but a) she has never made it work yet, thankfully she doesn’t get much practice and b) it’s at home…so that wasn’t an option.

Whilst giving the tick some thought mum was in a shop in Echtenebrug (as you are from time to time) when she spotted a tick remover, designed for humans but she decided to give it a go. It took all human hands to hold me still, and a very stoic approach from me, but with a couple of twists my friend was gone from my head, squished (like a pigeon) bashed and generally dismembered before going in the bin. It was a dead tick (which mum says is the best thing for a tick to be).

I, on the other hand, have lived to fight another day. During the process I did lose a few hairs and now I have a little bald patch. Mum says I should now be called Spot (because my skin shows through and the patch is white) but dad says it’s OK he can slick it down with a bit a Vaseline and give me a small comb over! Goodness knows why I have to put up with these two, first they pluck my fur out and then they call me names! Oh yes I know why – they buy me kibble – I refer you back to the start of the blog.

Anyway the job is done. We’ve left the odd and tick-y Kraggenburg behind and are now in Friesland exploring some further Dutch delights.

More to follow dear reader




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