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July 12, 2015 / Liz

Tex’s observations on a Dutch life

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Before you read this blog I feel I should point out that there are three of us on the boat and we all like to blog from time to time. Some new readers may be surprised to read my blog because, after all, I am a dog but go with it you’ll enjoy it – honest!

I’ve been in The Netherlands for four weeks now and I thought I you would be interested in a few observations I have made in my time here. So here goes.

Dutch Dogs…

…don’t seem to like me. When I approach they generally start shouting at me, in Dutch, I don’t know why (well obviously I know why they shout in Dutch but not why they shout at all!) Mum says I give off the wrong signals by looking a bit concerned by them and that need to be braver. But brave I’m not, so I have to work with what I have! You will be pleased to know that I do not shout back. That would not be dignified (and they wouldn’t understand anyway because I only speak English).

Pigeon evolution

One of the things about the Netherlands is that they have a lot of water and correspondingly a lot of bridges. It’s very civilised because as you boat along the bridges open. Whilst they are open the bit where the bridge normally sits is ‘exposed’. With it so far..?

During the course of our visit I came to the conclusion that the inner city pigeons of Utrecht are less evolved than those of Amsterdam as the ones in Amsterdam have learned not to sit on the ‘exposed’ bit when the bridge comes down.

For this reason one doesn’t see the evidence of multiple ‘pigeon expiries’ under the bridges of the capital that are really very evident in Utrecht. Clearly the ones in Amsterdam have developed an eye on the top of their heads or something. I would have supplied pictures at this point but then I would have to X-rate my blog for gruesomeness! You get the idea, many a squished pigeon was evident!

I’m sure it keeps the population down but it’s not a very efficient method!

Just to give you the idea this is one of the killer bridges of Utrecht, sounds like a film title (now there’s an idea – maybe not)


Goodness I’m getting to be bike savvy and I need to be. The flipping things are silent and deadly. Everyone has a bike over here. Maybe they have two or three, there are sooooo many of them, more than the population that’s for sure. They have their own roads and their own traffic lights and cyclists rule the roost. I have to keep my eyes open when out with mum because she can never work out what direction the traffic is coming from anyway, so adding in a silent enemy that can approach from anywhere and is top priority just makes things even worse! I tell you I’m glad I haven’t got my old job over here it would be a nightmare!

Of course, if you’re on the other side of things i.e. a bike owner that’s very different. But being one that gets around on four paws I am certainly not cut out for cycling. So I think mum should get one of these

It’s a Bakfiets and it’s designed primarily for transporting children around, we have seen up to three toddlers in one of these! However, I think it could easily be adapted for a Labrador don’t you? In fact I expect that if I went into one of the (many) Fiets-shops in this country such an adaptation would already exist, you know with an entry ramp, a non-slip floor, a dog bed interior, kibble holder etc. But mum said if I think she’s going to push 30kg of Labrador (x golden retriever) around on a bike I am sadly mistaken. She does nothing for me…

So there are a few observations on life so far. It has taken me a little while to find my paws but I am settling in to it all. I can be adaptable if I need to be and I have been a city dog and a country dog as and when required. (This is me being a country dog)

Living on the boat is different, but you know what they say, home is where the humans are (and where the kibble is of course).

On that note I will leave you with a picture of me in the lock at Utrecht where mum thought I looked very handsome and I’m showing off my Juneau boat tag which is set off quite nicely against my fur.

I hope you are well dear reader, more updates soon.



PS – you can follow us on he Juneauboat Facebook page if you like for daily (yes daily!!) updates 🙂\Juneauboat


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