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June 13, 2015 / Liz

Crikey, this park better be good!

Last week was a hive of activity in our house. Every day there seem to be jobs to be done, people to instruct and generally lots of hustle and bustle. By Saturday evening things were being packed up into the car which always makes me rather nervous! By Saturday bed time mum and dad looked a bit frazzled and I was deeply suspicious!

I had every reason to be suspicious, come Sunday morning I jumped into the car expecting to go to Heath Lake and 7 ½ hours later I was still there. I really don’t remember Heath Lake being that far, we normally get there and back in a few hours with a run thrown in! Anyway it turns out we weren’t headed for a local beauty spot but for a flipin different country! I know, I know I was aware this was going to happen, I just forgot!

It was a new experience for me to go on a train, well of course in my previous life I did ‘do’ trains, but not trains that hold cars! Mum was obviously uncomfortable with the train thing so she came and sat with me for the journey. I don’t know why, it doesn’t look very comfy does it? Anyway I shared my space and humoured her!

After many promises of nearly being there we did finally stop. Having sat up all the way from Wokingham to Aalsmeer my legs were a bit stiff but I managed not to fall over when I got out of the car! That would have ruined my street cred.

My boat was a sight for sore eyes but I must admit I have had some trouble bonding with her this time. The steps had been polished so getting on and off was been a bit of a challenge, but they were better after mum scrubbed them with a scourer to ‘roughen them up’ a bit! And I also didn’t like to pontoon we were moored to. Not sure why but I just was not keen! However I lived with it for the week, we’ve moved off now and I am regaining my boat confidence.

On the up side mum and dad are working within about 5 meters of each other so when I want a tickle I don’t have to venture far. Also I have had a bed upgrade and a new blanket. I like these very much.

I have met a few Dutch natives. Some two legged and some four. They all speak (or bark) in a funny language so I’m not sure what they are saying to me but I just wag my tail politely and that seems to go down well. Luckily (for us all) a lot of the locals do speak English and are happy to communicate that way. One chap used his English to declare he loved me very much, which I thought was a bit forward as I had only just met him! Another inspected my teeth, which I also though a little strange, but he had just given me a biscuit so I let him check there was none left. I assume that’s what he needed to know perhaps it’s a local greeting custom!

Pets are popular in the Netherlands, so far I have seen lots of dogs being walked plus one cat on a lead and today a small parrot on a lead too. Unusual I think!

Now we have started to meander around the country. Today I visited Gouda, home of Dutch cheese. I saw a lot of cheese, smelt a lot of cheese, got photographed with a large cheese (and a small cow), luckily I like cheese. Did I get any cheese – did I heck! Personally I think that’s just mean.

So I’ve been here a week now and all is going well. Today I felt I was back in my comfort zone as we ‘did’ three locks! I know locks so I felt at home. I also made a friend of a lock keeper who said I could stay with him if I liked. I nearly took him up on it but mum pointed out the bed upgrade etc so I decided to stay.

Anyway, Juneau is where my toys are. I know a number of people are keen to know what my final choice of toys was for the trip. In the end I settled for Skippy, Hank, Seahorse and Duck Face with a Nylabone on the side should I need something to chew. A fine choice I felt and so far they are working out well.

I shall have to see if I can acquire any new ones while I’m here (maybe I can at least get a furry cheese!)

So dear reader that’s my first Netherland’s update – more to follow I’m sure




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