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May 24, 2015 / texdog

Party Time

My life is just one round of parties as my family and friends grab the opportunity to wish me (and mum and dad) a ‘Bon Voyage’. I must say my diary has never been so full but I do rather enjoy all the attention.

Last weekend we were guests at the first BBQ of the year. As ever I didn’t actually get to participate in the BBQ. I think I could have done had mum not turned down the offer of a rather tasty looking pork chop on my behalf! Fine for her to say when not 30 mins earlier I had seen her happily include one of the pork chops in her meal and apparently enjoying it along with a host of other food. Talk about one rule for some and another rule for dogs!

On this occasion I had some doggy company for solidarity (he didn’t get a pork chop either!) Anyway it was very nice to meet Toffee, a very young and lively cocker spaniel. I learned that cocker spaniels have a lot of energy to burn, they like to play and they are quite insistent in engaging fellow doggy companions in a game. After a while I got use to Toffee’s quite bold approach and decided to join in so we spent a lot of time exploring our host’s beautiful garden, generally ploughing through their bushes and(in my case) eating their sticks. Toffee and me had some good games and I was glad of his company.

Whilst we weren’t allowed any of the BBQ we were not forgotten. Jay and Mike, our lovely hosts, had laid in special provisions for Toffee and I in the form of a pack of Smackos which, between us we consumed over the course of our afternoon. This was a result!!! I think Jay was a bit surprised when I pretty much inhaled the first one I was offered. Safe to say it never touched my teeth. Gob to stomach in the shortest possible time period, that’s’ the Labrador way. Needless to say Toffee was much more refined about Smacko eating (no Lab in him!)

So here is a picture of Toffee and me captured when we managed to get him to stand still long enough to grab a shot J

Mum and dad think he is a very handsome boy (but they still love my black furred looks a great deal).

So that was my first party and I should say a very big thank you to Jay and Mike for making me so welcome. I really did enjoy my day. But a day of entertaining, and being entertained by, a small spaniel took its toll and once home I can assure you I didn’t move from this spot all evening, and when I did move it was to go to bed!

This weekend I have been to Nottingham for another party, this time with mum’s family. As usual I was a bit confused by the journey and decided I should not curl up and sleep through the motorway bit, as surely we must soon be reaching the park? After two hours of watching the road we didn’t get to the park but to granddads house – so that was a bonus. Mum and dad do try to get me to lie down but I am having none of that, they have decided I must be number plate spotting or something! Apparently in a couple of weeks I will have a very long time to spot plates and they will mainly be foreign!

We had a lovely time in Nottingham and I got lots of tickles, and I really enjoyed the trip. I am always welcome and think I could have stayed in Nottingham if I had asked, I don’t think it would take much to persuade granddad to keep me J

Anyway, after partying we travelled home this morning (another plate spotting opportunity) then mum made me walk around the block again just for fun. After that I put my paw down, took up one of my favourite sleeping places on the stairs and stayed there for the rest of the afternoon! They should realise a dog NEEDS his 40 (50 or 60) winks!

I have another party to come but this time I am hosting it as Dad’s family are coming over next week. So you close your eyes and picture me in my waiters outfit handing round canapés (you can picture me if you like, but it won’t happen, what self-respecting Labrador would actually voluntarily hand out food I ask you?!) Waiter-ing ruled out I expect my role in proceedings will be limited to meeting, greeting and general fur spreading as usual J

And then that’s it. Our sail away parties will be over and we will actually have to sail away! Aaaargghh I don’t think I’m ready. Actually I don’t know what I have to do to be ready so perhaps I won’t panic. I notice mum has a few lists on the go so I am relying on her to panic on my behalf. (it’s a safe bet!!)

I hope you had a good bank holiday weekend dear reader.





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