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April 29, 2015 / texdog

Have passport will travel

This week I have been concentrating on getting my paperwork ready for my travels and I have discovered that, like the humans, I need a passport.

Having googled passports I also found out that typically one needs a photo to go into the document. I set up a little photo-shoot. These were my best shots.

However mum pointed out that

  1. You are not allowed to wear sunglasses or a hat in your passport photo
  2. I didn’t actually need a photo for my passport because, unlike humans, I am micro chipped and my ‘tag’ was all I needed.

So I consigned my best photo efforts to the bin and headed to the vets for my documentation. Odd really because I’m sure when mum and dad got their passports it wasn’t from the vet. (I bet theirs didn’t cost as much as mine either!! That’s what you get for buying it from a vet I suppose)

I like visiting the vet because he seems to like me and he gives me food (which was a good job because mum scheduled the appointment to overlap with my dinner time and I was starving).

I was less keen on the man when he jabbed me in the back of the neck – which I thought was a bit unnecessary! Apparently this was for rabies – but I have checked and I’m pretty certain I don’t have rabies. Anyway it seems that now I won’t get rabies which is very good and as a result I will forgive him.

We all have passports now J

I took this as a sign that I needed to step up my travel plans. When I got home (after I had had my dinner of course) I set about packing my suitcase. I know that I have to travel light so I selected just a few essentials as you can see in the picture below…

(I think I may need a bigger suitcase!!)

After assessing what I deemed to be essential mum has assured me that I don’t really need 15kg of food as she has already sent some kibble to the Netherlands with Juneau. I will have to trust that she is telling the truth (although I may sneak some emergency rations in my bag…just in case!)

Things are not as good on the toy front. Mum broke the news that I can’t take all of my toys with me. WHAT!!! That’s outrageous. Apparently there will come a point where I have to select just a few (like 4 or something) of my precious companions. Working on this is very stressful, I am making lists but it is soooo hard to decide. See…

Still I have five weeks to go so I have time to make my choice. In the meantime I have a passport so I will travel J

Happy up and coming bank holibob weekend dear reader



PS if you want to see more about our trip visit Juneauboat


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